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  • 无论何时尽可能购买当地新鲜产品,通过有限的菜单的频繁更换,确保总能为客人提供花样繁多的菜肴。

Buys locally available fresh products whenever possible and has limited menus which are changed frequently to ensure the guest is always offered a variety of food items.

  • 综合考虑客人人数、市场环境及菜式的受欢迎程度和菜单使用率,协助计划或参与菜单设计并利用库存和现有食物。

Participates in planning menus and utilisation of food surpluses and leftovers, taking into account probable number of guests, market conditions, and popularity of various dishes and frequency of menu.

  • 回顾菜单、分析烹饪配方、确定选材、进行人员分配、计算管理费用的成本及菜式定价。

Reviews menus, analyses recipes, determines food, labour, overhead costs and assigns prices to menu items.

  • 指导食物配置来控制成本。

Directs and strictly adheres to food apportionment policy to control costs.

  • 根据市场导向的价格及产品,引进及尝试市场中出现的新产品。

Assists in the process of introducing and testing the market with new products, which are market-orientated in terms of price, and product.

  • 为客人提供新鲜食物,即使是最后一分钟准备,也要坚持保证食物的高品质,充分体现餐厅风格及经营理念。

Serves fresh food to guests which is prepared a la minute, is consistent in quality, and reflects the style of the outlet concept.

  • 密切监督烹饪及员工工作,协调他们的工作任务,确保经济省时的出品。

Closely supervises cooking and other Kitchen personnel and coordinates their assignments to ensure economical and timely food production.

  • 观察食物准备及烹饪的方法、食物的分量规格及食物的装饰,确保食物按照规定标准准备。

Observes methods of food preparation and cooking, sizes of portions, and garnishing of foods to ensure food is prepared in prescribed manner.

  • 在食物装盘及服务前,对食物进行检查。

Tests cooked foods before plate-up and service.

  • 对食物的消耗、采购、食物原材料及供应进行评估。

Estimates food consumption and purchases or requisitions of foodstuffs and kitchen supplies.

  • 设计特殊/创新菜肴,发展创新烹饪配方。

Devises special dishes and develops innovative recipes.

  • 建立及加强食品营养及餐厅卫生环境。

Establishes and enforces nutrition and sanitation standards for restaurant.


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