F&B-No. 2 Stove - Chinese Kitchen

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Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

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Marriott Hotels, Marriott International’s flagship brand with more than 500 global locations, is advancing the art of hosting so that our guests can travel brilliantly. As a host with Marriott Hotels, you will help keep this promise by delivering premium choices, sophisticated style, and well-crafted details. With your skills and imagination, together we will innovate and reinvent the future of travel.


Construction of the largest full-service Marriott-branded hotel in Shanghai, Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre opened its doors on 24 November, 2011. Located aside People's Square and Park on Xi Zang (Middle) Road, the Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre enjoys a premium downtown location. Nanjing Pedestrian Street is a 30 second stroll from the hotel's street entrance. The BUND, Suzhou Creek and the lively Xintiandi are all within easy walking distance.





To ensure the smooth operation of the restaurant, to produce high quality products to his/her best knowledge, and assist the Executive Chef in the daily operation. Train subordinates on food production, Marriott international standards, 46 point hygiene rules and regulations, hotel standards and follow hotel policies and procedures as described in the hotels hand book. Is able to manage the restaurant and other departments in the kitchen efficient, well organized, customer focused and train young associates on a daily base.






  • Make sure that food is tasty, attempting presented, fresh, correct portioned and safe. 确保食品新鲜美味,可口诱人并且配料合理

  • Buffet food is delivered on time, 15 minutes, before opening the restaurant or banquet function. 餐厅营业或者宴会开始前15分钟确保自助餐一切就绪。

  • That mise en place is fresh, correct size, portioned and according to business. 确保食品新鲜美味,可口诱人并且配料合理

  • Will learn and execute the 46 point hygiene standards at all times, train young associates on it and will self inspect his area at least once a month 认真学习并积极贯彻执行卫生标准46条、对新进员工进行培训并且每月至少亲自检查自己所负责的工作范围一次。

  • Train subordinates with Marriott standards and assures that it meet all times按照万豪标准培训员工,并确保他们遵循这些标准。

  • Ensure that Marriott International documents are filled in correctly and necessary changes are done确保正确地存档万豪文件,并作必要的更新。

  • Proper handling, maintaining and cleaning of equipment. 正确合理使用设备,及时维修保养。

  • Take temperature checks as required and keep record on the company standards sheets. 按要求检查温度并做好相关记录

  • Hold periodically class room style training for younger associate in order to increase knowledge 定期对新进员工进行课堂式培训,帮助其增加相关职业知识技能。

  • Focus every day on food cost and train our associates on doing the same. 坚持每天强调食品成本控制,并培训员工增强该方面意识。

  • Follow “Clean as you go” policy and keep work area clean at all times. 遵守“走到哪里都干净”的准则,随时保持工作区域干净整洁

  • All food items must be covered with cling film (or proper lid), dated, labeled and initialed by person who made it or used it first. 所有食品需用保鲜膜或合适的盖子封好保存,并由制作者或最初使用者制作标签,注明日期

  • Rotation of foods – FIRST IN – FIRST OUT (FIFO). 食品循环制度-先进先出

  • If sick, report immediately to your supervisor. 一旦生病,立即告知主管

  • Creates recipes for associate to follow and key in into Material Control for food cost calculations 制作食谱配方并存档至食品成本控制文档

  • Creates user records for standardization of products and set ups. 建立档案记录食品制作及布置标准

  • Food for straight consumption is handled with gloves and mouth mask is in right temperature in cold and hot kitchens/pantries 冷房直接取用冷冻食品时需戴手套和口罩

  • Usage of right chopping boards is maintained at all times. 一贯正确使用砧板

  • Time card must be punched in and out. 出入酒店需拉考勤卡

  • No associate to be on the property after working hours without authorization 未经许可,任何员工下班后不在酒店逗留

  • Conducts or supervise daily 15 minute training session and supervise taste panels. 管理并对员工进行15分钟培训

  • Make sure all food is prepared by recipes. 确保所有食品严格按照配方制作。

  • Inform supervisor of any problems or complaints, either from internal or external customers, when they arise. 遇有问题或投诉,立即告知主管

  • Be able to work in another area when needed and take part in cross-training when directed. 按要求参加岗位交叉培训,需要时能调至其他部门协助工作

  • Food in fridges to be checked on the beginning of every shift and container be changed if necessary. 每次交班前需检查冰箱食物,如有需要,及时更换盛器

  • Proper requisitioning to be done with Materials Control software. 进行合理的原料控制

  • Attend and conduct training sessions as required. 按要求参加并进行15分钟培训

  • Coordinate with concerned departments for any issues which may arise. 遇有问题,与相关部门协调处理好

  • Attends meetings as required. 按要求参加会议。

  • Get involved in buffet set ups and decorations. 参加自助餐的摆台

  • Follow hotel policy as laid out遵循酒店政策

  • Makes transfers as required 安要求调拨物品

  • Full compliance with Marriott Business Conduct guide 遵守万豪商业行为指导守则

  • Watch over time closely and returns hours with hours if staffing allows it 合理安排处理员工加班

  • Ensures new associates get proper training, guidance and close watch of follow ups确保新进员工接受所需培训、指导并关心其后续跟进。

  • Fully responsible for kitchen operation and performance in the absent of Executive Chef 行政总厨不在时,全权负责厨房的日常操作。

    Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Marriott International does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws.


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