Chef-Pastry 饼房厨师长

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Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel


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At Sheraton, we go above and beyond in everything we do. We are inspired by our guests and one another – and are driven to make things better. We love what we do, and we give it all we’ve got – on property and off. When guests stay with us, it’s not just a room with a bed that they’re buying. It’s an experience. We’re looking for someone who is ready to go beyond in everything they do. If you are someone with a genuine drive to improve your life and the lives of those around you, we encourage you to explore careers with Sheraton.

To Perform all Pastry Kitchen & Bakery related work and assist the Executive Chef in the day-to-day operation of the kitchen. He assumes total responsibility, controls, and checks and supervises The Pastry Kitchen and Bakery as designated by the Executive Chef. He will assume the responsibility for “on the job” training function. He needs to be profitability and cost conscious and needs to responsible for the daily market lists and all pastry and bakery items and products.


1.       Setting high standards of food throughout the hotel and providing assistance and advise

2.       With regards to an efficient and profitable functioning of the Pastry kitchen and Bakery operation.

3.       Supervise the Pastry kitchen and Bakery operation.

4.       Pastry and Bakery Production

·         To assist chef with the planning of dessert menus and food promotions.

·         To control standards of food production and presentation throughout the hotel

·         To examine goods and quality of received goods.

·         He controls the Cooks to follow over standard recipes and methods of preparation

·         He informs the Executive Chef immediately of bad products.


5.       Total knowledge & understanding Pastry kitchen & Bakery of Food Preparation Standard  & Procedure.


6.       Pastry Kitchen/ Bakery work Planning

·         To assist Executive Chef with the planning and design of new pastry and bakery kitchens and improvement schemes.

·         To discuss with the Executive Chef on the choice of pastry/bakery kitchen equipment.

·         In absence of the Executive Chef, he works closely with the Management.

·         To keep up to date with new development techniques and equipment and instructs his staff on how to use it correctly.


7.       Control

·         To work closely with the Executive Chef on the development of food control procedures.

·         To assist with the costing and pricing of dessert menus and other food services having taken into consideration the profit margins lined out in the hotel budgets.

·         Together with the Executive Chef investigates pastry food cost problem with a view to take whatever corrective action may be necessary.

·         Ensure you & your team are aware of the care required when dealing with Owner Assets particularly when it comes to Loss & breakage. You need to work closely with your team & the chief steward to ensure Loss & breakage is kept to a minimum, particularly when considering the quality & therefore expense of our equipment

·         He also liaises with Banquet Departmental and Outlet Manager on guest comments and follows up with necessary action.

·         To examine constantly food supplies to ensure that they conform to the quality standards stipulated by the company are adhered to.

·         The Pastry Chef is responsible for the purchase of food in absence of the Executive Chef. In cooperation with the Purchasing Manager, he makes sure we get the best quality for the best   price.


8.       The Pastry Chef will take an active part in all facets of Training Activities      

        in the Food Preparation Department.

·         On the job training

·         Training on Pastry /Bakery New menu Item

·         Conducting Classroom Style Training in all pastry Food Preparation related subjects.

·         Assist Chief Steward with Sanitation and Health Training.

·         To assist with the development and implementation of a training program for pastry kitchen staff.


9.       Staffing

·         To work closely with the Executive Chef, on the recruitment, training and development of Pastry / Bakery Kitchen Staff.

·         To participate in the annual review of staff salaries.


10.   Hygiene

·         Responsible for hygiene standards with the Steward Coordinators, in pastry kitchen, store room, refrigerators and word areas.

·         Responsible for the personal hygiene of the pastry kitchen staff.


11.   General

·         Together with the Executive Chef he schedules working hour of pastry kitchen staff, taking into consideration volume of expected business but being careful at all time to conserve labor cost. He authorizes overtime if warranted by unexpected business or dismisses them earlier if business it low.

·         He assigns in detail, specific duties to all associates under his supervision and instructs them in their work.

·         He works very closely with the Steward Coordinator whose duty is to keep pastry area clean and orderly. He insists upon meticulous cleanliness and orderliness.

·         He ensures personal cleanliness and proper discipline of all associates under his supervision.

·         The Pastry Chef works closely with the Executive Chef in determining quality and quantity of food materials to be purchased and prepared. He keeps a close watch over all materials used with a view of eliminating waste and spoilage.

·         He is responsible for the quality of all food prepared in the kitchen he supervises. He constantly inspects taste, temperature and visual appeal.

·         He makes sure that all dishes are uniform and that established portion sizes are adhered to.

·         He assures that soiled or damaged utensils are not put into use, watching for cracked and chipped china and glassware and trains his staff to follow this rule.

·         He is very careful to prevent the use of spoiled or contaminated products in any phase of food preparation and prevents associates who are ill or suffering from an infection from taking part in the preparation or handling of food.

·         Interact with department and positive manner to foster good rapport   

                    Promote team spirit and ensure effective two—way communication.


·         Effectively with guests and workplace colleagues from a variety cultures.         

·         Work effectively in a team.


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