Vatel Istanbul (Turkey)

Vatel Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul, Turquie

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Istanbul is a city like no other.

Populated with more than 15 million people and bringing Europe and Asia together.

This megalopolis is one with a history.

Although Istanbul is a very attractive city, it is a world in itself ! Communities of various ethnic, relious and social backgrounds mixes here and form the mosaic of cultures that make this city unique.

Ancient and modern, European and Asian, Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and a huge cultural melting pot.

It is the bridge between the world and it's history, connects east and west and is a continent, generating a strong, pluralistic and tolerant society.

Also Turkey was ranked between 2012 and 2013, on the 6th place global destination with more than 35 million tourists and a yaerly 11% increase.

It's young and dynamic population is triggering progressive groth in all fields and especially in tourism. That's why we chose to open our first Vatel School in Istanbul.

    Next graduation date
    May 2017
    Internship Dates
    Number of students
    30 +
    Internship duration
    6 months
    Internships type
    Y1 F&B, Y2 Rooms/FO, Y3 admin
    E.g. spa, culinary, etc.
    Top nationalities
    Turkish 40% and Int'l 60%
    Main region of interest
    Middle East

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