Michael End Managing Director at 25hours Hotels

As Managing Director, Michael End is in charge of business development and operations at 25hours Hotels. When he first joined the team in 2006 as a trainee, he never expected the company to grow and expand as fast as it did. Now, he is a key member of the board and has one of the biggest staff responsibilities within the head office, ensuring all his hotels and staff are at the highest standard. He completed his professional hotel training at the Elysée Hotel in Hamburg and gained his bachelor’s in Hotel and Tourism Management at the University Center César Ritz in Brig, Switzerland.

25hours Hotels was founded in 2003 when the first hotel opened in Hamburg, Germany. Success came so quickly that by 2006 a new hotel was added to their portfolio, and new additions steadily kept coming in every one to two years. By the end of 2018, the brand will consist of 12 hotels across top European destinations from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, to Paris. Every hotel is uniquely designed with its own distinctive personality, shaped by the art, culture, and stories of their surroundings. The heart of the business is based on dynamism, surprise, and a touch of lively adventure.

Why 25hours Hotels? As a young growing company, they offer a unique opportunity to start a career that is not fixed to a region, but one that can grow to an international scale in a couple of years. They search for curious and adventurous individuals with an authentic personality who are not afraid to connect and contribute to the big picture as they continue to expand on a global scale. For them, having the right attitude is more important than skills. "Skills can always be taught, but you need the right attitude to want to serve people and deliver great service in a comfortable way."

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