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China Restaurant JIU DING

China Restaurant JIU DING

Hochdorf, Switzerland

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Jiu Ding China Restaurant
Where Old School Values Meet New Visions

In China, the regional cooking styles are as diverse as the terrain and its people. Naturally, geographical environment, local crops and produces strongly influence regional cooking styles and dishes. No wonder Chinese cuisine is widely seen as one of the richest and most diverse kitchens in the world.

Forget your hesitations generated from all-tastes-the-same Chinese Restaurants and thick gloppy sauces you may have experienced in the rest of the world. True Chinese food has lightness and balance as well as a tremendous range of flavors and styles.

At Jiu Ding, you will be introduced to the same authentic way of Chinese cooking, which is decidedly free of thick and gloppy sauces (glutamate or any other kind of tenderizer is avoided). Jiu Ding embodies old-school values and vision. Old fashion is our philosophy to only bring legendary and authentic Chinese food to our guests. We challenged the status quo - our vision - and processed fresh and local ingredients of high quality whenever possible.

In other words, we fuse small and tedious daily routines (Chinese attitude) with extraordinary purity from nearby sources and simplicity in terms of ingredients (Swiss Quality).

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