Measuring & Maximizing Employee Engagement to Drive Profit

Measuring & Maximizing Employee Engagement to Drive Profit

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The DNA in Hospitality Management is human-centered and celebrates a culture of passion for the brands, the products, and people.

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• To build on the “how-to” developed in Developing a Value-Driven Workplace Culture, diversity in the wider context is explored in depth. Generational diversity is then the key focus. • To explore of the values that the generations in the workforce have today and the impact this has on engagement and performance; how can high engagement be encouraged and maximised. • Through readings, case studies, videos and industry expert interviews you will be able to underpin what is happening currently within the industry with regard to encouraging engagement to drive success. • The underpin the current discussions among the experts from a theoretical perspective to examine what might be applicable in practical settings in the efforts to achieve success.

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This course explores how to engage various generations, including Gen Z, to be involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. Learn to manage a generationally, diverse workforce. Create strategies and initiatives for developing highly engaged people, and measuring and maximizing employee engagement levels to drive profit. Self-paced course.
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