Associate Business Systems Analyst

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Shanghai Disney Resort

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Technology is at the forefront of delivering the magic and enabling the unparalleled vacation experience that makes Walt Disney Parks & Resorts the most visited tourist destinations. The WDP&R Technology team combines custom technology solutions with creativity to produce robust applications that enhance all aspects of the guest experience.
The Associate Business Systems Analyst assists to develop and support our internal applications, involving in the business requirements discussion, solution design, build, testing and deployment work etc. The position provides the ability to work with different senior cast members to help cultivate and grow their professional career.
WDP&R Technology seeks forward-thinking team members with accomplished professional experience who are passionate about delivering a quality product, desire to learn and grow, and enjoy working closely with business partners on both strategic and tactical challenges.
Application Delivery
  • 从初始要求阶段到最终执行阶段始终积极参与多个商业系统项目的交付和管理
  • Actively participate in the delivery and coordination of multiple business system projects from initial requirements phase to final implementation
  • 与员工和商业社区合作来确保明确项目要求,交付成果符合要求,包括将来流程和差距分析、规格和设计文件
  • Work with staff and business community to ensure that project requirements are identified and deliverables are met, including to-be process and gap analysis, specification and design documentation
  • 协助为组织将宏观商业要求转化成功能性规格并管理这些规格的变更
  • Assist to translate high-level business requirements into functional specifications for the organization and manage changes to such specifications
  • 协助执行解决方案设计和使用不同的工具搭建工作
  • Assist to perform solution design and build works using different tools
  • 协助推进测试环境并参加测试应用
  • Assist to facilitate testing environment and participate in testing applications
  • 协助推进培训环境并为用户提供培训
  • Assist to facilitate training environment and conduct trainings for users
  • 商业系统运营
Application Support
  • 提供持续性应用系统的支持工作,参与轮班以提供7*24的支持
  • Provide on-going support of application 7*24 by shift
  • 协助用户处理系统相关事件及运营问题
  • Support Business Units on matters regarding systems and operations issues
  • 记录必要的信息,以便做进一步的分析及改进
  • Documentation on necessary information for further analysis and improvement
  • 协助快速响应用户,并提供合理的建议
  • Assist to provide Business Units rapid responses with agreeable recommendations
  • 协助处理系统更新,并确保系统合理配置
  • Assist on system change requests to assure all system configurations are suitable to business needs
  • 紧遵团队操作流程,提高工作效率
  • Adhere to the team's operating procedures to strive for higher efficiency
  • 定期参与各种培训,获取必要的知识及技能
  • Attend periodic trainings to gain necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform their duties
Basic Qualifications
  • 计算机科学或相关专业学士学位,或1-2年计算机相关工作经验
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent or 1-2 years of relevant professional work experience in IT application system implementation
  • 较强的分析和问题处理能力,能够为安全问题或复杂问题开发出创新备选方案的能力
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills with an ability to develop creative alternatives to resolving issues or complex problems
  • 好奇心强,愿意学习
  • Natural curiosity and desire to learn
  • 具备在复杂和多样化的跨国公司的业务部门项目小组工作的能力
  • Ability to work in a project team oriented environment in a complex and diverse business unit of a multi-national company
  • 有能力作为高效团队的一员在快节奏的工作环境中有效的工作
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment as part of a high performance team
  • 能够在截止时间内独立完成工作,处理多项任务并准确地履行工作职责
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision to meet deadlines, handle multiple priorities, and perform job responsibilities accurately
  • 突出的组织能力和细节关注度来平衡工作和领导项目
  • Strong organization skills to balance work and lead projects with attention to detail
  • 突出的人际关系能力,团队成员注重交流,与内部和外部各层级组织的成员合作
  • Strong interpersonal skills to interact in a team environment and collaborate with team members internal and external to the organization
  • 突出的书面和口头沟通能力
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • 突出的处理机密信息的能力
  • Demonstrated ability to handle confidential information
  • 对娱乐业和旅游业充满热情
  • Enthusiasm for the entertainment and travel industries
  • 熟练使用微软Word, PowerPoint, Outlook和Excel
  • Proficiency in MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel
  • 中英双语读写熟练
  • Proficient in spoken and written Chinese and English


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