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Spa Attendant

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Your role as Spa Therapist  is key in providing the core of the spa experience: The treatment.  

It is your responsibility as a Spa Therapist to ensure that we deliver that special, individual and unique service to all guests in U Spa. 

You are to provide a service that is responsible, spontaneous, personal and genuine. In order to do this, you will require a high level of social skills and the ability to take responsibility for the customer service in Uspa by Constance at CMRM. High standard of presentation is essential together with reliability and punctuality.

Will take full responsibility for all related Spa Therapist  tasks and duties; such as, but not limited to:

  • Conducting treatments according to spa menu, standards and outlined protocols.

  • Be knowledgeable of benefits and outcome in all practiced techniques and treatments.

  • Be knowledgeable in related treatment products and the ability to be flexible in the same with regards to guest requests.

  • To work with and fully understand the health assessment and to operate with discretion to ensure that any necessary precautions are taken.

  • At all times confirm scheduled treatment with guest before starting the treatment.

  • Ensure all treatment and preparation areas are set up as per standards and that any discrepancies have been resolved immediately.  Treatment room setup should be in order before welcoming any guest to the same or handing over area to fellow colleague.

  • Ensure products in place and refilled as per standards and act on any discrepancies.

  • Serve post treatment drinks and be knowledgeable of the properties of the same.

  • Make product recommendations and meet the retail goals established by Uspa by Constance, at CMRM.   

  • Be well informed about the retail products and serve the guests requests and interests with regards to the same.

  • Be knowledgeable about retail products related to specific menu treatments and be able to make recommendations thereafter.

  • Assist the guest with an after/ home care program when suitable

  • Assisting the Spa Receptionist in booking guest appointments and be able to offer guest service standards of the same.

  • Assisting the Spa Receptionist in taking and recording statistical daily reporting.

  • Taking part of all the reception’s duties and responsibilities – guest booking treatments, billing procedures, updating daily revenue reports, monitoring the availability of the retail, professional products and consumables.

  • Assist in the monthly inventory and monitor operating supply for Uspa by Constance and coordinate to Head Therapist/ Spa Supervisor to generate necessary issue/purchase requisitions.

  • Actively participating in and directing all job-related meetings necessary.

  • Reporting any maintenance issues at all times.

  • Keeping the Spa Head Therapist/ Spa Supervisor/ Spa & Wellness Manager informed of any minor changes from guests appointments and cancellation policy must be raised all times after taking the guest bookings.

  • Be knowledgeable of all areas of daily spa activities and follow the set guidelines Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Action Lists of Uspa by Constance, at CMRM.

  • Be present and actively participate in meetings and trainings that is given by Management. 

  • Greet all guests with name recognition, a welcoming smile and a clear but soft tone of voice.  

  • Always stay informed on other activities in the resort and actively promote the same.  

  • Be punctual at all times for appointments, team functions and meetings.

  • Apply the qualities of discretion and maintain strict confidentiality at all times.  

  • Be genuinely committed to guests and fellow colleagues—be aware that "guests bring guests".  Take care and show ownership of the guest from their arrival to their departure in Uspa by Constance accommodating their needs, requests, and at all times respecting their privacy.

  • Keep work area clean and organized  

  • Handle any accident or guests incident in a swift and professional manner

  • At all times present a healthy and well maintained appearance and proper grooming.  Maintain good condition of hands (e.g. no hard skin, keep finger nails short) and not getting involved in activities, and/or using chemical/products that will compromise the condition of hands.



Conducting treatments according to spa menu, standards and outlined protocols.

To able to perform multitask skills such as - spa treatments ,basic yoga , spa reception & attendant task

Should have knowledge of Computer and Spa software

Preferred Constance Experienced Candidate

Knowledge of Any other spa fitness related service (reiki /thai chi,etc) is as advantage

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Situated on the South Ari atoll, Constance Moofushi Maldives ideally combines the Crusoe Chic Barefoot elegance with the highest standards of Constance Hotels and Resorts.

Its All-Inclusive package which includes Super Premium branded spirits has raised the all-inclusive offering to a higher level in luxury hospitality.

The hotel offers a plunge into the Maldivian authenticity with the possibility to visit local fishing village or to experience big game fishing, trolling the Maldivian style.

At 30 minutes from Constance Moofushi Maldives the most splendid dive sites of the world where ray manta or whale shark can be observed.

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Spa Attendant

Moofushi Island, Maldive

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