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Descrizione del lavoro

As an ambassador of Eataly products and services, the Cook is responsible for helping to create and maintain quality experiences for each guest that comes to Eataly. Eataly ambassadors are expected to actively engage with guests and spend quality time with each customer.

- Complies with all portion sizes, quality standards, department rules, policies and procedures.
- Identifies and selects cuts of meat, poultry, shellfish, fish, game or vegetables used for sautéing.
- Prepares foods for sautéing and cooking.
- Prepares garnishes for dishes.
- Sautés or otherwise cooks food items and prepares pan sauces as appropriate.
- Plates menu items along with appropriate garnish.
- Maintains a sanitary work station that meets Department of Health standards.
- Selects and uses knives, hand tools, utensils and equipment to portion, cut, slice, dip, batter, bread, whip, beat, maintain holding temperature, sauté or otherwise produce food in their station.
- Adheres to all company and department procedures, policies, expectations and quality standards.



- Knowledge of Italian cuisine

- Degree from a post-secondary culinary arts training program is desirable.

- Must be able to exert well-paced mobility for periods of up to four hours in length.

- Must have the ability to lift pots, pans, etc., up to 20 kilos in weight.

- Must have good working knowledge of food and food preparation.

- Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with supervisors, employees, and dining room staff.

- Able to use knives, hand tools, utensils and all standard commercial kitchen equipment.

- Knowledge of Italian language, culture, food history and Slow Food principles a plus.


Tipo di lavoro
A tempo completo
Munich, Germany
Tedesco facoltativo, Italiano facoltativo, Inglese
Comincia tra
Il prima possibile
Durata del contratto
12 mesi
Ruoli disponibili
Altri benefit
By working at Eataly Munich you will have: - Training on the job with our Manager and the opportunity to work with hight quality of italian f&b; - Free staff lunch daily; - Discounts at the Eataly Restaurant and Market.


Eataly is the largest existing artisanal Italian food and wine marketplace and it is committed to the world-wide distribution of high-quality agro-products!

Founded in Turin in 2007, our market sells the same high-quality foods used by our chefs, while narrating the history of its products and their local producers that day by day make Italy one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Eataly's culture and philosophy are built upon the values of Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility and Sharing.

Eataly is the first space where you can buy, eat and learn at the same time. Our customers can savor our products and then purchase the ones they selected while also acquiring knowledge of food and cooking through our learning programs (cooking classes, tastings and producers’ speeches). Eataly's goal is to make its consumers incisive and informed so as to help them select healthy and quality foods.

Currently, we have more than 30 Marketplaces around the world building a bridge amongst cultures, eating styles and cuisines and bringing the Italian high food philosophy everywhere. We opened our second Eataly NYC location at the World Trade Center in August 2016, Boston in November 2016, Eataly LA in is anticipated to open the summer of 2017 and Eataly Las Vegas the sumer after!

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