Full-time Guest Recognition Specialist / Reservations Sales Agent
Full-time Guest Recognition Specialist / Reservations Sales Agent

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Full-time Guest Recognition Specialist / Reservations Sales Agent

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The Guest Recognition Specialist (GRS) is an integral role in our Guest Recognition effort and our ability to deliver exceptional levels of intuitive service with every guest, every stay at every property. This global focus positions Four Seasons as the brand that knows our guests best and is the leader for delivering exceptional guest experiences through personalized recognition that is meaningful, valued and consistent.


Daily Function

On a daily basis the CIS lead is responsible for ensuring that all departments have the information they need, preparing them for all arriving guests. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

• Review all guest reservations and profiles daily to prepare for arrivals, using the pre-arrival screen in Opera. Arrivals preparation lead time is a minimum 2 days ahead of arrival date. Review includes:

• Global notes and preferences which may have been updated by another hotel and need to be incorporated for this stay

• Copying ‘global’ preferences and notes to the PMS profile to ensure current accuracy

• Action preferences by creating departmental notes and traces to notify the department

• Action guest preferences for Incognito or PR profiles ensuring proper profile management of the of the corresponding PR/Incognito profile.

• Merge duplicate profiles for arriving guests ensuring the Webmaster profile is maintained as the master when applicable

• Merge duplicate profiles for arriving guests Show Me You Know Me – Prepare SMYKM for all VIP/SA guests

Profile Maintenance

• Suspended Profiles – Clear any suspended profiles ensuring that the brand standard is met - having no more than 100 profiles are in queue dating back no more than 2 days

• Profile clean up – profiles using defined data entry standards which includes selecting primary fields.

Profile Updating

• Co-ordinate the review of glitch and Medallia databases and ensure updates of guest profiles. (the responsibility of this process may vary from hotel to hotel, the GRS needs to ensure it is being done)

• Liaise with Guest Relations manager to ensure a connection in made between the guest’s information and the guest’s experience at all stages of their stay (pre arrival, stayover and post departure)

• Liaise with F&B and Spa systems (ie Open Table, Spa Soft) to ascertain preferences and populate where applicable.


• Run Department notes report. (Submitted report daily and approved notes for


• Run Opera Duplicate Profiles report weekly and merge duplicates found in PMS

• Daily worksheet to audit profile performance such as: incorrect merges, name changes, profile clean up

Guest Profile/Preference Expert/Champion

The Guest Recognition Specialist is the guest profile and preference expert, fully trained and familiar with all aspects of profile management.

• Thorough knowledge of the ‘back end’ workings of how Opera PMS and ORS communicate.

• Fully trained on all central training courses with a minimum passing grade of 80%

• Ensures that all front desk agents and reservations are trained, understand processes and follow profile integrity essentials in their daily jobs.

• Spot check/audit front desk to ensure proper adherence to profile standards.

Communication and Training

As the expert for guest profiles and preferences, provide ongoing communication to key departments on audit results, upcoming programs/initiatives and training.

• Working in conjunction with the hotel Learning Manager, Director of Rooms, Front Office Manager, ensure that all new and existing employees are fully trained on their role in the guest recognition and profile management process.

• Participate in Front Desk and Reservations meetings to provide updates on guest preferences and create dialogue with these departments on issues, roadblocks, key learning from guest.

• Provide a monthly update to the Hotel Manager on the status of CIS in the hotel and KPI performance.


Guest Recognition Scorecard

• Monitor key hotel indicators on the Guest Recognition Scorecard and action low performing areas which include:

o Ensuring e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers are being captured and updated by Reservations and Front Desk

o Central Lookup – follow up/re-train agents when their central look up scores appear to vary from standard expectations

o Liaise with the front office team and other departments to drill down on the brand vision question, “Felt recognized and customized during my stay” to identify processes for improvement

Full-time Guest Recognition Specialist / Reservations Sales Agent


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