Aram Minasian

Aram Minasian

Planner / Contributor presso God In Action
Vive a Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Chi sono

Hi there! My name is Aram Minasian, I am 28 years old, of Armenian descent, currently living in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Bachelor of Business Administration and an Entrepreneur.

I am in love with the Island Ibiza and I want to work and live there in the near future. I have been already several times on the Island and I can say that I like everything: the weather, the food, the warmth and the positivsm of the people, the landscape and the good vibe.

So yes, I am searching for a job in Ibiza. As a person I can say that I am very friendly, a good listener, always providing a professional and a good service to customers, coachable, adaptable, motivated, a hard worker, self-confident, eager to learn and I have a creative mindset.


8 anni e 7 mesi

  • Founder

    Van Aram Transport Services - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    dicembre 2015 - Presente · 4 anni e 2 mesi

    Management activities for different entrepreneurs in the transport sector | Recruitment | Contact person for external companies | Doing the administration | Controlling the tax return | Advisor | Sparring Partner |

  • Co-Founder

    Armeens Nederlandse Business Club - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    maggio 2015 - Presente · 4 anni e 9 mesi

    Putting content on LinkedIn and Facebook | Making video reports | Keeping the website up-to-date | Organizing business events | Promotional activities |

  • Account Manager

    Multisant - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Commerciale e Marketing
    aprile 2015 - Presente · 4 anni e 10 mesi

    Responsible for external communication through Social Media | Customer acquisition through Social Media & Cold calling | Approaching shops | Following the latest trends and developments in the area of Accounting |

  • Planner / Contributor

    God In Action - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Commerciale e Marketing
    gennaio 2015 - Presente · 5 anni e 1 mese

    Event Planner | Contact person for external companies| Advisor |

  • Freight Forwarding Agent

    Rulewave - Moerdijk, Netherlands

    luglio 2017 - maggio 2018 · 11 mesi

    Planner | Analyst | Complainant | Taking care of orders from A to Z | Customs Clearance | Warehouse Management | Contact person for both internal and external network | Completing shipment files| Advisor| Reporting | Issuing contracts and Bills of Lading| Price Negotiator| Cost Calculations | Requesting different shipping licenses | Inbound & Outbound| Issuing Customs documents and sending this |

  • Customer Relations Specialist

    DHL - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    marzo 2016 - giugno 2017 · 1 anno e 4 mesi

    Quality Monitoring | Providing professional advices | Supporting the customer in all its processes | Providing efficient transport planning | Accepting orders and communicating this to the Operations Department | Tracking all kind of shipments | Informing the customer pro-actively regarding the shipments | Completing shipment files | Taking care of each complaint and handling this on a professional way | Inbound & Outbound |

  • Researcher & Advisor

    LA Events - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    febbraio 2012 - aprile 2014 · 2 anni e 3 mesi

    Positioning research |Planner |Studying research books, marketing books and event books (deskresearch) |Taking interviews (field research) | Working out and taking survey and after that analyzing the results with SPSS (field research) | Event Trendwatcher |Specialize and reducing the offerings as advice |

  • Salesman

    Belcompany - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Vendita al dettaglio
    dicembre 2010 - gennaio 2014 · 3 anni e 2 mesi

    Document Management | Working out business e-mails | Planner | Online Training | Customer Advisor | Ordering products | Promotional activities | Cold calling | Contact with suppliers |

  • Customer Service Representative

    Silverside - Gouda, Netherlands

    gennaio 2011 - giugno 2011 · 6 mesi

    Customer Management| Testing new software programs, analyzing this and giving advice | Consultancy for new customers and for existing customers| Working out and sending business emails with Lotus Notes | Scheduling meetings with Lotus Notes | Document Management with SharePoint | Planning meetings | Putting information about existing customers and new customers in a digital system (ITF) | Making agenda items with Lotus Notes | Project Management | Working out phone messages with Lotus Notes |

  • Acquisition Manager

    Simavi - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    maggio 2009 - maggio 2009 · 1 mese

    Attract sponsors | Flyer design | Promotional activities | Helping with the set-up and with the breaking off |Approaching artists | Contact person at the event |


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Higher Professional Education)

    INHolland - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    settembre 2008 - aprile 2014

  • Higher General Secondary Education (Nature & Technique)

    Citycollege S - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    settembre 2003 - giugno 2008


6 lingue

  • Armena

    Conoscenza madrelingua o bilingue

  • Olandese

    Conoscenza madrelingua o bilingue

  • Inglese

    Conoscenza madrelingua o bilingue

  • Tedesco

    Conoscenza professionale

  • Spagnolo

    Conoscenza lavorativa limitata

  • Russo

    Conoscenza di base

Dati personali


  • Olandese


30 competenze

  • Able to prioritize
  • Coachable
  • cost accounting
  • Easy adaptable
  • Event planning
  • Excel
  • GOLD (online processing system)
  • Good at multitasking
  • Good communication
  • Good listener
  • Good management
  • Good organisational skill
  • Lotus Notes (an alternative of Microsoft Outlook w
  • Managerial
  • Organizing events
  • Photoshop CS
  • Project planning
  • Sales planning
  • Self-confident,
  • self-motivate
  • Sharepoint
  • - Smart and hard worker
  • Softpak (Warehouse Management System)
  • SPSS
  • SQL
  • Strong leadership
  • - Strong planning skills
  • strong problem-solving skills
  • switching fast
  • Word

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