F&B Service Training International (FBSTI)

F&B Service Training International (FBSTI)

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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F & B Service Training International is a Swiss hospitality Academy specialized in highly professional restaurant management training within the full respect of norms and standards of the Swiss education in this field.

With our Swiss expertise, our French “Savoir-Faire” and 30 years of successful experience in the restaurant industry and in hospitality training, we have tailored and designed the perfect and unique certified training so that participants can confront their daily tasks with a better confidence and a higher standard ready to meet the challenges of this dynamic industry with an innovating approach.

Bringing out the best of your employees and developing their skills and behavior will have a notable impact on your customer experiences, as well as benefit realized by your company and on through growing levels of client satisfaction growth in return business.
Your employees have a potential so don’t let your competitors have them due to a lack of internal development!

The restaurant industry is in a constant state of growth and changes and if you want to step ahead FBSTI is the right solution.
Standardized F&B operation and improving the quality of the service will help you to gain repeat business and reduce your expenses on operation efficiency.

At FBSTI it is our personal target that all people trained in our programs will know exactly the goals and the objectives of their company, will be properly trained and qualified to do the job and will be involved in their own development and the development of the company they will be working for.

FBSTI provides a short, intense, captivating and adapted training where attitude, skill and knowledge will be developed.

FBSTI propose training package that has the flexibility to adapt the training, to meet the specific needs of your establishments and to ensure maximum value is delivered to overcome any challenges, drive sales and service levels to new heights.

    Number of students
    Internship duration
    6 months
F&B Service Training International (FBSTI)

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