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Housekeeping Jobs in London

London’s hottest hotels are seeking talented candidates to join their housekeeping staffs.

Whether you are seeking a supervisor or head housekeeper role, London has plenty of opportunities in this dynamic department. Looking for an immediate start date? Check out Hosco's jobs page today for the most recently posted positions.

Working for a top London hotel in a housekeeping role can enhance your career, whether you have previous experience or you are just starting out in hospitality. The housekeeping department is traditionally the largest in any hotel, and team members can be like family, spending several hours a week together, working behind the scenes to ensure the best possible service. Whether you want to work in a trendy East London location or in quaint Notting Hill, London offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits for those seeking housekeeping management positions. To receive email alerts with the most recently posted London housekeeping jobs, log in to your Hosco account, where you can browse openings and save personalized job searches.

View the latest London housekeeping openings, posted just days and hours ago, on Hosco's jobs page

Housekeeping jobs in London are highly sought after due to the city’s international exposure in the hospitality sector. Housekeeper salaries in London are therefore quite competitive, and experience is sometimes required to get a job at the best hotels. Housekeeping duties include working closely with guests, ensuring a positive stay and even providing bespoke, personalized service for in-house clients. As a member of the housekeeping management team of a top London property, you’ll be responsible for more than just cleaning. Highly motivated and organized candidates are wanted for high-level responsibilities, including scheduling, financial planning and reporting and upholding brand standards. For help, check out Hosco's jobs page today!