Resumen del curso

The great vocation that nowadays exist for cuisine, within the frame of a country with such an extraordinary gastronomic richness and tradition, must be carried to the professional field in a coherent, practical, and efficient way. This training will allow the student to get to know the world of professional cuisine through the knowledge of food and the technology applied to it, learning the conservation techniques, manipulation and preparation, nutritional aspects and quality control and food security, while learning about different cuisines from all over the world and other complementary gastronomic products. The students will also learn about the aspects related to restaurant management and investigation and innovation for the development of new products with the aim of training future chefs in a comprehensive way. The theoretical-practical training is complemented with professional internships in national and international restaurants which will ease the student’s access to the professional culinary world with guarantees of success.

Lo que vas a aprender

• Learn about the most representative dishes of Spanish regional cuisine. • To identify the culinary products of Spanish gastronomy, their characteristics and their forms of preparation and presentation. • To work the bases, methods, techniques, and new trends of Spanish cuisine. • To discover the cultural and historical roots of Spain through technical and cultural visits, seminars, workshops, and gastronomic routes

Detalles del curso

¿A quién va dirigido este curso?

Who is this course for? Amateurs with a passion for cuisine and gastronomy People with interests in the world of nutrition, health, and gastronomic investigation High school graduates or equivalent. Previous experience is not required
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