Julien Huel Managing Director of F&B Operations, Barrière

After completing his studies in 2006, Julien started his career in finance, before joining Barrière’s Investor Relations department in 2010. Julien worked his way through Barrière, navigating through different finance-related jobs, before being offered the opportunity to take on F&B Operations as the Managing Director for the group.

Julien credits the opportunity to completely change his career path to Barrière, who he says presented him the chance to move into F&B, despite not having the typical background one may expect for this type of position. But it is prospects like these that make Barrière a company that employees are dedicated to. The ability to grow personally and professionally, expand your knowledge and skills, and direct your career path are real possibilities that talents can expect. According to Julien, new hires will have the chance to “contribute a lot to the group, with our new concepts, openings and renovations, and all the projects we’re putting in place in France and internationally.”

And there is no better time to be a part of the F&B division at Barrière. The group is currently innovating its approach by developing new concepts and reimagining the old. This spans from La Folie Douce in Deauville, new projects to modernise Barrière’s offerings in places like Courchevel, all the way to the world-famous Fouquet’s, whose original Paris outlet will undergo a transformational renovation in early 2017. Additionally, as Julien says, working in the F&B division allows talents a huge opportunity to learn: “Today at Barrière, one can learn everything. For a person who is looking for an internship or their first job, one can really learn the world of food and beverage and the true value of French gastronomy. It’s an excellent place to begin your career.”

Watch below to learn more about how Barrière is investing in F&B and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for this division.

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