Mayra Quintero Career Consultant HRC

Mayra is from Ecuador and has been helping candidates to navigate their J1 application since April 2018. Mayra’s day-to-day work consists of her interacting with students and fresh graduates from around the globe. She has to carefully evaluate their CV, find the perfect employer in the USA that matches their skills, and transform the complicated J1 visa procedure into an effortless process for the candidates.

For Mayra, the process of coaching is something that she really enjoys as she has been in the candidate’s shoes. Mayra was a J1 exchange student in Vail, Colorado and has lived in the USA for a number of years so she fully understands the market.

As HRC looks to partner with the best hospitality companies in the USA, they need to make sure they provide the best candidates. As a result, Mayra and the rest of the team look for candidates that are committed, deeply passionate about the industry, and have the willingness to develop and grow in all situations.

Mayra’s favorite part of her job is being part of the candidate’s success story as she knows how valuable the experience is for a young hospitality professional and loves to see candidates go on to achieve amazing things.

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