Hotel Management School Maastricht

Hotel Management School Maastricht

Maastricht, Pays-Bas

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The Hotel Management School Maastricht has existed since 1950, which makes it one of the oldest and most reputable hotel management schools in the world. Every year, more than 1,000 prospective students from the Netherlands and abroad try to obtain a place on this bachelor's degree programme: 320 of them come through the stringent selection process and begin the study programme with great motivation. They can choose between a Dutch or English version of the programme.

The Hotel Management School Maastricht focuses continuously on the entrepreneurship of young people. Students are trained to be the future leaders in the hotel industry. Much is expected of them. The way in which hospitality is realised is subject to constant change, and our students stand out for their capacity for innovation, their global mindset and their knowledge and understanding of gastronomy and the connecting role it plays. A growth market to which attention is also paid is hospitality in the care sector.

Chateau Bethlehem is the showpiece of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. This medieval castle full of ‘Dutch Design’ houses the inspiring Teaching Hotel and Restaurant, where the students learn the tricks of the trade. From its unique campus in 'knowledge city' Maastricht, the Hotel Management School works with an international network of leading companies in the hotel and food industries. By the time the students graduate, the business is in their bones, and the potential managers are ready to shape the future: The next step in hospitality.

    Number of students
    Internship start dates
    Aug/Sept-Jan & Feb-Jul/Aug
    Internship types:
    Operational & Management
    Internship duration
    5 months
    Graduation dates
    March & September
    International Hotel Management
    Top nationalities
    Multinational, mostly European
    Main region of interest

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