Kai Ping Culinary School

Kai Ping Culinary School


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The Culinary Department of Taipei Kai-Ping Vocational School was established in 1991 to promote Chinese culinary arts. Since 2007, Kai-Ping has focused on providing professional culinary instruction and accreditation. Kai-Ping Culinary School is now the second largest culinary institution in Taiwan. Kai-Ping offers chef students an unparalleled learning environment, providing hands-on classroom training and off-site apprenticeships. Kai-Ping strives to help culinary arts students develop their confidence and self-awareness, and encourages them to pursue their personal dreams.

The culinary program is divided into three departments: Chinese Cuisine, Western Cuisine, and Baking and Pastry Arts. The basic curriculum, Food and Beverage Service, is offered to all students. Kai-Ping’s overall curriculum places equal emphasis on theory and practical training. “The Chef’s Factory” consists of a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant and a bakery, where students can practice different skills. These establishments provide chef students with real-world situations related to food procurement and cooking preparation, as well as hospitality services. In addition, Kai-Ping arranges off-campus, practical, hands-on training at food and hospitality establishments through 12-month externships. Representatives of world-class hotels and restaurants regularly visit Kai-Ping to recruit top culinary students. Once they accept Kai-Ping’s students as interns, our chef instructors work with these establishments to track and assess the students’ progress throughout the year. Students return to Kai-Ping regularly to report on their work progress and to take additional courses.

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