Ort Dan Gourmet

Ort Dan Gourmet

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israël

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The Ort Dan Gourmet Culinary Center, a Dan and Ort Israel hotel chain, was set up for people who want to learn the highest standards of cooking, baking and confectionery in the world, without compromising on staff, curricula, professional equipment and raw materials.

The current curriculum relies on Ort Dan Gourmet's extensive international connections and teaching staff with the world's leading culinary institutions and is built, layer by layer, into a stable structure of skill, knowledge and understanding. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with the best technology and equipment of their kind, with a personal work position for each participant.

The best chefs, confectioners and professionals in their field make up the leading faculty. Ort Dan Gourmet is proud to lead the new Israeli cuisine and promote local gastronomy.

Ort Dan Gourmet

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