University College of Management and Design ASPIRA

University College of Management and Design ASPIRA

Split, Croatie

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Everything around us strives for better, it is the tendency or ASPIRAtion towards a new, stronger, more responsive and more comprehensible world. A tendency is a driving force of any change, and the change is continual, unstoppable, inevitable.

We in the ASPIRA team readily accept the entrusted task of being open-minded to the world around us, we are ready for the expected and prepared for the unexpected. We ASPIRE to pass on our desire and readiness for the new to you – our students. This is not only our wish, but our responsibility, too.

ASPIRA takes its responsibility seriously. Our job is to nurture excellence so that we could help you to become excellent. We live in an integrated global world, where only true knowledge makes the difference between success and failure. Thus, we are obliged to transfer our knowledge to you – our students. Knowledge is a lighthouse in the storm, saving us from nothingness and futility, but it is very difficult to reach, because sometimes it is hidden behind a heavy stone, and sometimes it remains invisible and imperceptible despite being in front of us. We in the ASPIRA team will help you to raise the stone and teach you how to see the invisible. But, you have to understand that the knowledge is the salvation and blessing, the salvation from the darkness, and the blessing of being addicted to the light and eager for more of that light.

Come to us, we will help you to save yourselves, to walk in the bright side of life, to benefit from the ASPIRAtion for knowledge. Be better, stronger, more competitive, be free. Become a part of the community which is changing the world and which will encourage you to ASPIRE for self-improvement in order to improve the surrounding world.


    Number of Students
    Number of Alumni
    Sport Management / International Hospitality and Tourism Management /Gastronomy
    Graduation Dates
    Twice a year
    Internship Dates
    During the April / During some Events
    Internship Type
    During all study programes, students have the opportunity to work as an intern in different associations, clubs, federations and other related organizations under supervision of their mentor (on-the-job training). In that way, students will be directly in
    Croatian citizens and Erasmus students from 16 partner countries
    Croatian, English
University College of Management and Design ASPIRA

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