Panoramica del corso

This certificate program will provide you with all the necessary tools to conduct yourself with aplomb and confidence in today's global business world.

Cosa imparerai

• To develop and apply an understanding of social and business etiquette in order to demonstrate its value to both an organisation and an individual’s personal brand. • To demonstrate the ability to communicate in an elegant and effective manner. • To feel confident in formal and informal social situations through an awareness of the conventions of dining etiquette and the art of conversation. • To develop and enhance global business relationships through cultural awareness and sensitivity. • To ensure a powerful impression on others consideration of effective self-presentation and grooming standards.

Dettagli del corso

Per chi è il corso?

Learn everything about social etiquette, everyday manners, business protocols, and formal events, professional conduct, international etiquette, and intercultural communication, workplace protocols, and communication etiquette. Self-paced course.
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