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Food and Beverage Jobs

For those interested in working in hospitality, food and beverage jobs are available in many prestigious hotels and restaurants. Whether you are looking to work in Hong Kong, San Francisco, or Paris, opportunities are constantly opening in this sector. F&B can include kitchen jobs, front of house jobs, or managerial positions. Both salaried and pay-by- the-hour positions are available.

Front of house positions

Restaurants and hotels are looking for full time staff and experienced individuals to fill management positions. There is currently a surge in food and beverage jobs as more eating establishments open and managers look to hire permanent and contract employees. Whether you want to work in food preparation, bars or coffee shops, at a hotel restaurant or for a hospitality group, food and beverage offers many options. Use Hosco to search the hospitality group you are interested in, filter results by job type, and view details of postings, including years of experience required. If you find a position for chef de partie that interests you, you can upload your resume on Hosco and apply for the position directly through the platform.

Immerse yourself in F&B and get a central view of the industry

Within the hospitality industry, and food and beverage in particular, you can find positions within hotels and resorts that offer salary or an hourly wage. Regardless of whether you work for an independent or restaurant or hotel group, are in management or on the front line, you should always have a customer oriented attitude. As the manager of a restaurant you will be responsible for ensuring high levels of customer service. If you are interested in working full time, positions in food and beverage are also available in business development and other more corporate oriented roles that take a different spin on food and beverage. Hosco has job postings for all levels of experience, and when you find a position that interests you, you can save the posting or apply in the moment. On Hosco Advice, you can find tips for improving your CV, read industry articles, or view interviews with restaurant managers and other professionals with food and beverage jobs.