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Waiter / Waitress jobs in Abu Dhabi

Customer service job openings in Rotana are available for those who would enjoy working as a waiter in Abu Dhabi. Use our site to find the right match for your talents.

Find a nice job as a waiter or hostess

Consider a break year, go to our site and search or receive listings by email. Choose from a list of companies or search for any company in the service industry. You will find that assistant waiters and other positions are available in Abu with little experience required depending on the level of your position. Work as a restaurant steward or choose from a number of different positions. Waiter jobs in Abu Dhabi start at entry level position and can lead to future management positions, these jobs may even help you become an executive in your service industry career.

Abu Dhabi is looking for new employees to work as waiters and waitresses with minimum experience required for some restaurants

As part of your search criteria on the site, you can find the time and how many days ago a job was posted in your UAE job search. Recruitment agencies can help place you in an Abu Dhabi waiter position or browse all available job openings and deal directly with the restaurant you are interested in. A recruitment agency may also post restaurant jobs and positions available in hotel restaurants. The level of service you provide in the UAE may depend on your level of education and experience. Use the filters to select your desired location and see how long ago a job was posted, then consider applying as part of an experience year or break before university. If you spend enough years in the restaurant industry you may achieve a management job one day. For a waiter job, select your location as Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and read the description for postings to see if you are a match.