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Hospitality Jobs in Bali

Gain international work experience in Bali’s exciting hospitality sector

Take advantage of the high demand for chefs, food & beverage managers and other hospitality jobs in Bali, Indonesia’s cultural island hotspot

Bali offers an exciting, invigorating job market for candidates in the luxury hospitality sector. Bali offers a wide range of hospitality jobs to candidates looking to gain international exposure, from restaurant staff to management to director-level positions.
Thanks to Bali’s dynamic hospitality industry, opportunities are abundant for job seekers with excellent communication skills and with experience in customer service.
To apply for sales coordinator, receptionist or banquets staff positions, send a CV and cover letter to Bali hotels via the Hosco platform.
Check out multiple job descriptions at Bali hotels on Hosco.

Hosco members can send their CVs and cover letters to Bali hotels via the Hosco platform

Browse Hosco's job descriptions to become a staff member at one of Bali’s multiple beach resorts, clubs and hotels.
Find international work opportunities at Bali’s best properties on the Hosco jobs page.
Hosco members can use keyword filters to find food & beverage management jobs, spa positions, sales opportunities and more.
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