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Find sales and marketing jobs in Dubai

Executive salaries are a possibility for you in Dubai. You can find jobs in sales and marketing in this Arabian city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Work for a hotel group or start from an entry-level position. Getting an education in the industry while you are working in it is one of those hard to find win-win situations in life. Build up your career and make your resume memorable by learning on the job. Utilize your spare time to appreciate the modern city of Dubai. It is said to become one of the fastest growing and developing in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Learn Arabic or some of the local dialects. Make friends and enjoy a working 'holiday' which could turn into a life change.

Become a marketing manager in a few years

Some job roles can be easier to 'break into' if you are already working in the field. Learn all about sales and marketing and you might become a marketing manager in a few years. Help broker deals for corporations and executives. Promote development jobs for new companies or use your skills to educate the marketplace about your product. Find jobs online here on our site. Search by category, view details about jobs, and consider the possibilities. Your time is now. Work in property sales, services, marketing and more.

Dubai companies need assistant managers

Sales and marketing jobs in Dubai include positions for assistant managers. Join a marketing and communications company. Try your hand at the more technical side of sales and marketing in a supportive role as an IT tech, researcher and more. Customer service skills are vital, hone yours on the job. Salaries in Dubai are competitive. You can take extra courses to learn more about your profession. Recruitment can be commission based or salary. You could work for retail or franchise businesses. Some positions are outdoor sales based.