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Catering jobs in Vienna

Vienna is a great place to work. You may enjoy a career in the hospitality and service industry. Starting with a small establishment and perhaps delivering food to hotel rooms, you may learn new skills and rise to assistant manager or if culinary arts are your goal, even head chef one day.

Connect with others along your career path while working in a nice resort kitchen

The city of Vienna is home to many international and famous company offices. You may like to see how different organizations approach catering while you are working with your food service provider to deliver delicious meals. Gain information about jobs in the food services and learn if you want to be a cook. In the hospitality industry, there are always chances to advance to positions and your assistant manager may help you shape your career. Candidates with a team approach to catering are in demand.

Tourism is growing in Vienna and you can be part of a great catering team

While your peers may have applied for summer jobs more than a month ago you can still find work and enhance the guest experience of your company. In the hospitality industry, there is room for many positions as a service person or even a baker. Try on the white apron for a few days in the summer or any time of year. This site allows you to search for hospitality jobs as well as chef jobs and keep on top of new jobs as they are posted. You may find a variety of shifts or even a manager position depending on your experience. If you would like to work in catering as a cook, you may be able to start in the kitchen as an associate or caterer's helper. Your shift supervisor will be glad to have your help and you can enjoy the award winning international cuisine.

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