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Revenue Manager Jobs

If you are interested in business development and have strong analytical skills, a job in revenue management may be right for you

Do you think about hours of high traffic and how to overcome low traffic times for maximum profit? You might have the analytical mind of a hotel revenue manager.

Several years ago, few hotels employed yield or revenue managers. This position was adopted from the airline industry, which tried to understand how they could maximise profit for a product that essentially had no shelf-life. Technology has enabled this role, as today hotels can examine their analytics in terms of high and low occupancy and different rates that may attract different customers. The ability to observe trends and market activity also allows revenue managers to understand the bigger picture and have fast reactions to changes in the market when it demands. Location of a property can affect booking patterns of guests, so not all hotels can subscribe to the same strategies, making this position more important for properties that want to take advantage of revenue opportunities.

Reporting analytics and developing strategies for increased profitability

Revenue manager jobs are relatively new in hospitality, but this person plays an important role to save the hotel money as well as maximise revenue. A revenue manager looks at high and low vacancy days and creates strategies for increasing occupancy in low periods by offering different rates or packages that may be more appealing in these times. By offering different rates to different groups, revenue managers can also guarantee revenue by booking groups for multiple-days weeks – or even months- in advance. Revenue management positions can be regional or property specific, depending on the size of the hotel for which you work. Resorts that experience an obvious high and low season should work with revenue managers to increase their stability during more difficult low seasons. A business industry hotel can also benefit from a revenue manager who can properly analyse occupancy and develop strong strategies for groups and conferences or meetings. The revenue manager job is becoming increasingly more important to hotels.