Resumen del curso

This course will provide a better understanding and mastering of the advantages and uses of artificial intelligence for creating business opportunities in the international hospitality industry..

Lo que vas a aprender

Lo que vas a aprender
• To distinguish Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. • To discover innovations in Front Office, Housekeeping and Food and Beverage. • To increase sales and optimize marketing budget thanks to AI. • To appraise the impact of AI on Sustainability. • To identify the legal and ethical issues. • To understand the strategic importance of digitalization.

Detalles del curso

¿A quién va dirigido este curso?

You will learn the most effective technological innovations, its associated costs, and the applications of artificial intelligence in hotel sales and profitability optimization. The legal and ethical considerations of AI, and most importantly, what are the customer's expectations of the hotels in the future. Self-paced course.