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TASTE Culinary Business Academy's Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Culinary Business Management is offered in academic partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. Our Bachelor of Arts is a transformative student-oriented three year program, concentrating on the specifics of operating a food business. This program blends business management principles with students' passion for culinary arts and has been designed for the ones who want to pursue a career in the global food industry.

Lo que vas a aprender

Lo que vas a aprender
Year I | Fundamentals of Culinary Operations The first part of the program is focused on studying the basics of the culinary business environment, acquiring practical experience and understanding the culinary business fundamentals at an introductory level. By the end of Year I, students will have developed their culinary skills, while understanding the principles and practices within the world of gastronomy and business. A significant amount of time will be spent in the culinary laboratories, balanced with time spent in the classroom to learn about food, production and nutrition. The fundamentals of business principles, accounting and sales & marketing will add to their understanding of the culinary business environment. Year II | Business in the Culinary Operations The second part of the program is focused on advancing the students’ culinary skills by introducing patisserie, while intensifying the focus on business management within the culinary world. While other courses focus on leadership and management in business and human resources, planning and designing menus extends their culinary perspective. These aspects are critical to their ability to implement business knowledge and culinary skills when they become a manager / owner of a culinary business. Year III | Culinary Strategic Management The final academic year is focused on the development of culinary strategic management skills, in a global context. The focus is on exposing the student to an international business mindset, studying the principles and techniques of business development and analysis, skills that are developed both in the classroom, as well as through independent study. During this year, students are encouraged to develop research and study skills through self-evaluation. In addition, they will further improve their professional skills required in the workplace, and will be encouraged to increase their ability to cultivate intellectual and interpersonal skills, confidence and independence, for use in real situations.

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High School Graduates Being at the beginning of their professional journey, our Bachelor Program is the ideal path through which students can gradually gain work experience and managerial skills for their future career in the global culinary industry. Transferred Students Students who are enrolled in culinary institutions / programs around the world, in hospitality management or related programs – may transfer, if they meet the eligibility criteria, to TASTE Culinary Business Academy. Culinary Professionals Building on their previous experience, this program is great for professionals who have leadership aspirations, but still lack the management knowledge, skills and the appropriate degree they need to fill in managerial positions. Career Switchers Professionals working in other fields, who are considering a career change in hospitality / culinary management, have not yet completed a Degree / Diploma and their current job allows them to pursue a full-time Degree Program.