Certificate in Hospitality Management 360

Certificate in Hospitality Management 360

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This certificate consists of 18 two-week courses – 14 core and 4 elective courses – and provides the essential skills you need to ensure that your organization runs like a well-oiled machine. The hospitality business has more moving parts than most people realize, and more customer touchpoints than any other industry. Teamwork is essential. Whether you aspire to management, have recently been promoted, or are currently in a management position, this certificate program positions you to make a bigger impact in your organization and your career. You’ll quickly develop the technical expertise and broad, strategic focus needed to become a top-level hospitality manager. You can complete all of the courses in this program and earn your certificate in as little as 9 months, spending about three to five hours per week. Introduction to Hotel Operations Becoming a Powerful Leader Building High-Performing Teams Understanding Financial Statements Using Ratio Analysis to Evaluate Financial Performance Services Marketing Planning and Management Evaluating Business and Customer Factors Affecting Marketing Decisions for Services Introduction to Hotel Revenue Management Forecasting and Availability Controls in Hotel Revenue Management Marketing the Hospitality Brand Through Digital Media Utilizing Income Statements and Operational Data Building Guest Loyalty Introduction to Restaurant Revenue Management Managing Meal Duration and Reservations Elective (4 Courses)