Resumen del curso

Varna University of Management (VUM) is one of the leading educational institutions with more than 25 years of tradition to train and develop professionals in the fields of tourism and hospitality. The language of instruction is English and students complete their education with two degrees. Upon successful graduation and meeting the requirements of our strategic academic partner Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, along with their Bulgarian degree in Hotel Management from VUM, they are awarded a British Degree BA(Hons) International Hospitality Management.

Lo que vas a aprender

Lo que vas a aprender
The challenges of the modern world and the dynamic development of tourism and hospitality demand specialists who have both theoretical and practical skills as well as motivation to improve their professional qualities. The main goal of this programme is to develop highly qualified specialists with strategic and creative business thinking, in-depth knowledge, advanced practical skills and professional habits. Students acquire important theoretical knowledge in economic, management and behavioral sciences, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and entrepreneurship, information technologies, business communications and others. Problem-based and case-based learning techniques that we apply during the course of education are related to the actual practice in the hospitality business and lead to creativity and innovative thinking when dealing with real cases in the business practice, teamwork skills, communication, planning and organizational skills, decision-making and conflict management.

Detalles del curso

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Core modules: Year One • Economics (10 ECTS) • Accounting (5 ECTS) • Business communications (5 ECTS) • Management (5 ECTS) • Research and statistics (5 ECTS) • Information technologies (5 ECTS) • Marketing and business environment (10 ECTS) • Finance (5 ECTS) • English (5 ECTS) • Second foreign language (5 ECTS) • Sports • Summer internship I (10 ECTS) Year Two • Human resource management (5 ECTS) • Introduction to hospitality and tourism (10 ECTS) • Hotel operations management (5 ECTS) • Entrepreneurship and project management (5 ECTS) • Tourism intermediaries (5 ECTS) • Technologies in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (5 ECTS) • Hotel practice (5 ECTS) • English (5 ECTS) • Second foreign language (5 ECTS) • Sports • Summer internship II (10 ECTS) Year Three • Strategic management in the hospitality (10 ECTS) • International F&B management (10 ECTS) • Conferences, exhibitions and corporate events (10 ECTS) • English (5 ECTS) • Second foreign language (5 ECTS) • Sports • Diploma project (10 ECTS) • Diploma seminar