Resumen del curso

Enhance your knowledge and skills with an advanced hospitality management degree offering specializations in Executive, Revenue Management, Hospitality Real Estate Development and Mega & Large Scale Events.

Lo que vas a aprender

Lo que vas a aprender
Executive track: For hospitality management/tourism managers with a minimum of 5 years of managerial experience in the hospitality industry. Revenue Management: Candidates for the specialization in Revenue Management will sharpen their data-gathering, analytical and decision-making skills. Using advanced techniques and modern tools, they will be prepared to devise comprehensive, company-wide revenue management strategies. Hospitality Real Estate Development: The specialization in Hospitality Real Estate Development enables candidates to learn to bridge the gap between development and real estate to accomplish a company’s expansion goals. Students will be prepared to become an integral part of teams focused on research, analysis, site selection and development. Mega & Large Scale Event: Larger events are inherently more complicated, requiring additional security and facility concerns, as well as presenting greater budgetary and marketing pressures. Candidates would receive a rare opportunity to enhance their event management skills in producing programs for over 10,000 attendees. Courses focus on festivals, trade shows, major conventions, sports events, and concerts. Thesis track: Graduate students interested in conducting research in hospitality and tourism management during graduate and post-graduate studies can choose the thesis track of the Master of Science in Hospitality Management. This 33-credit program includes a three-credit thesis course and a three-credit elective.

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The M.S. in Hospitality Management degree is ideal for, but not limited to, seasoned hospitality management and tourism professionals, who are seeking to advance their knowledge and grow to the higher management ranks. Candidates in this degree span from those who have just entered this exciting industry, middle management with aspirations for executive ranks, to those who have gained 20+ years of experience seeking a graduate degree with plans to sharing their knowledge with the next generation.