Resumen del curso

The school offers a specialized training program in cooking and gastronomy, which allow students enter the professional world by studying food and raw materials, its science and technology, meanwhile learning conservation techniques, handling, and preparation of the same, without forgetting nutritional aspects, quality control, and food safety, all with the knowledge of world cuisines and other complementary gastronomic products. But also, the student will learn aspects related to the management of catering companies and with research and innovation for the development of new culinary products. All this with the aim of integrally training future chefs and pastry chefs. The theoretical-practical training at the School is complemented by internships in national and international catering companies, which will facilitate access to the professional world of cooking with guarantees of success.

Lo que vas a aprender

The specialized technical training in cuisine will allow the student to know the different cuisines of many countries from all over the world along with other complementary gastronomic products, he will learn how the treatment of food and raw materials, conservation techniques, manipulation and preparation, as well as the nutritional aspects, quality control, and food security. With this training program, the student will: - Be able to organize and manage processes in the kitchen area at an advanced level - Specializes in the most advanced preparation and production techniques in culinary products for cooking or pastry / baking. - Manage the culinary investigation and innovation processes. - Trained for entrepreneurship and business creation. The theoretical-practical training is complemented by a period of professional internships with national and international companies which will ease the student´s access to the professional cuisine world with success guarantees.

Detalles del curso

¿A quién va dirigido este curso?

Who is this course for? Self-taught people who have a passion for cooking Entrepreneurs looking forward to opening their own business Over 23 years, with or without experience in the specialty. It is advisable to be in possession of the Certificate of Completion of ESO (ESP), General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK), or equivalent; or to have passed the entrance exam to intermediate level training cycles.