Mathimata Mageirikis Culinary Center

Mathimata Mageirikis Culinary Center

Athens, Greece

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Our vision is to train future cooks to become conscientious professionals, with significant training and ethical backgrounds!

The art of Culinary and Pastry is a professional direction with great dynamism as they lead to high demand professions both in Greece and abroad.

Why Study at Culinary Center COOKING COURSES?
Culinary Center is a standard training course! Become a member of a select group of students who have set high standards and criteria in their education for one and only purpose: To become the best in Cooking / Pastry!

What do you gain from studying?
Instant Certification of the profession recognized by the Chefs Club of Greece and the National Accreditation System
School recognized for quality educational programs by WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies)
Excellent results and recognition with Quality Training Label
80% practical workshops
Low teacher ratio 10: 1
Certified Chef Trainers
Continuing vocational training for adults
Ultra-modern Environment
Practicing Skills
Group empowerment programs
Exciting and Interactive lessons / seminars / masterclasses

Mathimata Mageirikis Culinary Center

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Μανταμαδος, Μυτιληνη 811 04, Greece