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The hotel asset manager is responsible for managing lodging investments to meet specific objectives. Their role in building value is analyzed at both the portfolio and the property level. In this course, Professor deRoos focuses on the importance of developing a strategic vision for asset management and explores the latest asset management techniques in pursuit of that strategic vision. Analyze the asset manager's role in building value at both the portfolio and the property level Develop a strategic vision for asset management Analyze an asset management plan for a property's long-term needs Model sell-versus-hold decisions, the optimal holding period, and make recommendations for individual assets During this course, you will examine the role of the asset manager in real estate portfolio management and learn how to develop a strategic vision. You will also learn how to create an asset management plan designed to meet long-term financial goals, create forecasts, and build models that analyze sell versus hold alternatives and make optimal recommendations consistent with the asset management strategy and plan. The courses Financial Analysis of Hotel Investments and Control of Hotel Real Estate are required to be completed prior to starting this course.