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  • 协助部门建立完善并且维护部门营运手册,部门营运手册应当反映出酒店政策和程序以及工作过程和标准。

To assist with the development and maintenance of a detailed Department Operations Manual that reflects policies and procedures work processes and standards of performance within the Division.

  • 与餐饮部副总监和餐饮部总监密切合作准备和定期更新餐饮部预算,确保达到预算目标并且有效的控制成本。

To assists with the preparation and regular update of the Food and Beverage Departmental Budget, in close cooperation with Assistant Director of Food & Beverage and the Director of Food and Beverage ensuring targets are met and costs are effectively controlled.

  • 参与制定年度市场营销计划,确定营销活动,以配合年度商业计划的完成。

To participate in the formulation of the Annual Marketing Plan to established a list of marketing activities in line with the compilation of the Annual Business Plan.

  • 维护部门日志。

To maintain the Daily Log Book

  • 向餐饮部总监上交以下报告(如餐厅经理缺席,安排副理上交):

To submit the following reports to the Director of Food and Beverage, in the absence of the Outlet manager arrange Assistant to do so:

  • 每月餐厅报告

Weekly work schedule.

  • 每月客用品消耗报告

Monthly consumption reports of guest supplies.

  • 假期安排

Vacation schedule.

  • 预计培训

Training forecast.

  • 酒水短缺 / 超额报告

Beverage shortage / overage report.

  • 客人/员工事故报告。

Guest/staff incident report.

  • 根据营业状况排班,确保有足够的人手。

To plan the outlet weekly roster and work schedules to ensure that the outlet is adequately staffed to handle the level of business.

  • 根据使用状况和安全库存量申领客人用品。

To request guest supplies according to consumption and established par stocks.

  • 维护部门信息板。

To maintain the outlet bulletin board.

  • 参加每月餐饮部会议和每日运营会议。

To attend monthly Food and Beverage meeting and daily operations meeting.

  • 参加餐饮部总监主持的所有会议和简报。

To attend all other meetings and briefings as directed by the Director of Food and Beverage.

  • 根据酒店规章制度和程序处理“失物招领”。

To report “loss and found” items in line with the Policies & Procedures.

  • 确保部门前场和后场区域干净、整洁有序。

To ensure that the outlet is kept clean and organized, both at the front as well as the back of the house.

  • 与餐务部和客房部合作,严格按照清洁时间表进行清洁。

To liaise and organize with Stewarding and Housekeeping that the established cleaning schedules are strictly adhered to.



Payroll & Productivity Management


  • 通过在整个部门内建立灵活的员工编制,实施高效的薪资管理/资源分配。这将依据一个灵活的员工基数(全职员工及临时工)、多技能及多任务的原则。

Exercises efficient Payroll Management/ Resource allocation through the establishment of a flexible workforce throughout the Division. This will be based on the principles of a flexible associate base (Full Time & Part Time associates), multi-skilling and multi-tasking.

  • 指导下属确保生产力水平满足凯悦酒店集团餐饮部运营手册的要求。

Directs subordinates to ensure productivity meets the Hyatt Hotels Corporation Food and Beverage Operations Manual requirements.

  • 关注改进生产力水平及在可接受的指引下谨慎管理用品/薪资,确保所有设备的优化部署和高效能。

Focuses attention on improving productivity levels and the need to prudently manage utility/ payroll costs within acceptable guidelines ensuring optimum deployment and energy efficiency of all equipment.

  • 确保使用新技术和新设备以提高生产力。

Ensures new technology & equipment are embraced as to improve productivity.

  • 通过“灵活处理工作”(适当情况下)和简化工作流程,来回顾和不断探索所有员工的生产力水平改善。

Reviews and constantly seeks Productivity level improvements of all associates through the process of “taking work out of the system” (when appropriate) and through streamlining of work process.






  • 确保根据经营理念对部门进行高效地管理,根据标准始终提供礼貌、专业、高效和灵活的服务。

To ensure that the outlet is managed efficiently according to the established concept statement, providing courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service at all times according to the established standards.

  • 在部门内凡事亲历亲为,始终在餐厅参与运营,特别是在工作繁忙期间。

To be a hands-on manager and be present at all times in the outlet, especially during busy periods.

  • 能够灵活并适应餐饮部不同部门和酒店安排的其它部门的岗位轮换。

To be flexible and adapt to rotate within the different departments, sub departments of the Food and Beverage division or any others departments assigned by the hotel.

  • 根据部门营运手册中的服务标准,确保执行正确的营运标准。

To ensure that correct operating standards are adhered in order to achieve the level of service established in the Departmental Operations Manual.

  • 为下属分派工作并定期检查工作表现。

To assign responsibilities to subordinates and to check their performance periodically.

  • 确保部门以最大的接待能力接受预定。

To ensure table reservations are taken properly in order to maximize the restaurant turnover.

  • 确保严格遵守所有运营设备和用品的库存量,保证餐厅的顺畅运营。

To ensure that the par stocks for all operating equipment and supplies are strictly adhered to, and that the outlet is adequately equipped.

  • 每月进行运营设备及营业用品盘点。

To conduct monthly inventory checks on all operating equipment and supplies.

  • 协助控制运营设备及营业用品的申请、储存及仔细使用所有设备和物品。

To assist in controlling the requisitioning, storage and careful use of all operating equipment and supplies.

  • 就每日准备、服务及菜单为员工召开班前沟通会。

To conduct daily pre-shift briefings to associates on preparation, service and menu.

  • 在每日运营及质量方面与厨务部和其他支持部门密切配合。

To liaise with the Kitchen and other supporting departments on daily operation and quality.

  • 根据酒店既定的配方和程序,确保酒水的出品和服务。

To ensure that all beverage orders are produced according to the established recipes and procedure set for the outlet

  • 控制物品申请、库存和酒水服务/份量。

To control the requisitioning, storage, and service/portioning of beverages

  • 确保适当的酒水库存,维护并记录酒水的报废和浪费。

To control appropriate beverage par stocks are maintained and record any spoilage and wastage

  • 确保酒吧和周围区域始终整洁。

To ensure that the bar and surrounding area is kept clean and organized at all times

  • 处理客人所有关于食品、酒水和服务方面的投诉、要求以及疑问。

To handle all guest complaints, requests and inquiries on food, beverage and service.

  • 确保部门严格遵守收银程序。

To ensure that the outlet cashiering procedures are strictly adhered to.

  • 监督管理和检查部门运作和行政工作。

To supervise and oversee the operation and administration of the outlet.

  • 确保宴会及会议服务顺利并高效的运行。

To ensure the smooth and efficient operation of Banqueting and Convention services throughout the resort.

  • 学习和评估营运和工作程序,向餐饮部总监或副总监提出建议。.

To study, evaluate operation/procedure and suggest improvements to DOFB/Assistant.

  • 具有主人翁精神并确保客人满意。

To act as a host to the guests and ensure their satisfaction

  • 检查下属的工作表现和仪容仪表。

To check work performance of subordinates and their grooming.

  • 在营业繁忙期间督导、检查并且协助下属的工作。

To supervise, oversee and assist subordinates during busy period in the service.

  • 在每日运营方面与厨务部密切配合。

To liaise with kitchen crew on daily operation.

  • 具备充足的菜单和设备知识。

To possess thorough knowledge of menu and equipment.

  • 和厨师长一起确定菜单、配方和菜单循环更新。

To work with Chef on the menu, recipes and menu cycle concept.

  • 向餐饮总监汇报会议、餐饮产品的差异。

To report deviations of the Catering and food and beverage products to the Director of Food and Beverage.

  • 充分理解并且执行部门营运手册。

To fully understand and adhere to the Departmental Operations Manual.

  • 根据部门营运手册中的工作计划和工序表完成任务。

To perform all tasks in accordance to the Session Plans and Task Breakdowns from the Departmental Training Manual.

  • 完全理解并且运用餐饮宝典20条的理念。

To fully understand and apply the philosophy of F&B Top 20’s.

  • 完全理解并遵守凯悦餐饮部愿景和使命。

To fully understand and adhere to Hyatt’s Food and Beverage Vision and Mission.

Outlet Manager-Forty 8 Bar

Hangzhou, Chine

Temps plein, Indéfini

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