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Achieve a nationally recognized professional qualification in a significantly shorter timeframe than traditional CAP training This intensive, hands-on training program, taught in French, mixes practical skills in French pastry arts with essential business and management knowledge.

Cosa imparerai

Cosa imparerai
Depending on your profile and your level of schooling, two different paths are possible as you can attend an eight-month (1,073 hours) program or a nine-month (1,233 hours) program. Both the eight-month and nine-month options incorporate six months of practical training and essential theoretical knowledge, supplemented by two professional internships of four weeks each. The nine-month program includes an additional 160 hours of general education topics, suited to students without a minimum Level-3 Diploma (or equivalent) qualification. The curriculum is made up of 70% practical and 30% theoretical learning. Course content includes: - Pastry Labs & Workshops - 490 hours - Applied Technology - 72 hours - Pastry Technology - 32 hours - Food Science - 40 hours - Management Toolbox - 20 hours - Health & Safety - 48 hours - Chef d’œuvre - 77 hours - Professional project support - 14 hours The courses take place in the form of demonstrations, practical work, experimental workshops, and theoretical courses. This hands-on, skills-based training will allow you to achieve a professional level of expertise and master French pastry arts ‘fundamentals’ such as doughs, creams, and mixtures; together with numerous products including French classics, regional pastries, and petits-fours, among others. At the end of this program, you will be able to:Produce pastry products from raw materials while respecting the rules of hygiene and health and safety at work as well as the recommendations linked to sustainable development. - Identify the needs of raw materials and store them. - Organize your production. - Check the quality of the products during production (organoleptic criteria) - Present the finished products

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This program is ideal for career changers, entrepreneurs, and students wishing to relaunch, or complete, their professional training. On completion of this course, job and career opportunities include (but are not limited to): - Entrepreneur - Pastry chef - Pastry chef instructor - Pastry operations manager