Drive sustainability in the tourism industry

Drive sustainability in the tourism industry

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Did you know the tourism industry is one of the largest industries worldwide? It faces many challenges, especially in taking on responsibilities to become more sustainable. What you will learn Recognize and co-create future narratives that are useful for writing business cases and/or project proposals in your professional context. Understand tourism as a social and environmental complex phenomenon. Gain an overview of global tourism development. Learn about the latest tourism developments across the world. Become part of ongoing dialogues on developments for the future of tourism. Program Overview The societal importance of tourism has grown significantly in recent decades. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism represents over 9% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for nearly 8% of global employment. But tourism is more than just a powerful economic force. It is also closely linked to major global changes in culture, politics, technology and the environment. It affects the quality of life and well-being of individuals and regions and plays an important role in community, regional and urban development. Bringing sustainable tourism into practice benefits the whole community. Join this program and learn about the developments in tourism and the interrelationships between tourism, the economy, society and the environment. You will learn about the different types of sustainable tourism practices, like ecotourism. The effects of Corona virus on the tourism industry There is no doubt that the tourism industry is being affected by the Covid-19 corona virus outbreak. How will we recover, and will we fully recover? How does corona effects the tourists and their behaviour? And how can we pick up after this? How do we take it from here? Since it’s so relevant, we will address these questions in our Tourism MOOCs and make room for this on our discussion platform and case studies. Verified Track This program offers significant additional value for learners in the verified track. You will work with real life cases. These are cases developed in collaboration with practitioners working on inspiring developments in tourism today. By engaging in a case, you will implement diverse approaches, share insights amongst team-members and teachers, develop an international network and, most importantly, rethink a tourism development of your interest. Subscribe to this program now and help make tourism greener! Sustainable Tourism: Society & Environmental Aspects 5–7 hours per week, for 6 weeks Gain the skills and knowledge to drive sustainability in the largest industry worldwide: tourism! Understand the scope next to social and environmental implications of growth in this exciting field of study. View the course Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the future 6–8 hours per week, for 9 weeks Gain the skills and knowledge to rethink current tourism developments and reimagine practices to build alternatives futures.