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Learn about information and communication technologies [ICTs] and innovations in the hotel and tourism industries.

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About this course Skip About this course Gain an in-depth understanding of the strategic applications of ICT (information and communication technologies) innovations in the hospitality and tourism industry. You will learn about the roles of ICT infrastructures and tools in shaping business environment, business models, marketing practices, revenue strategies, and customer services. We will also discuss the dynamics that is generated in the development of ICTs and its impact on hospitality and tourism organizations. Note that this course is priced at USD $198. Collapse about this course What you'll learn Skip What you'll learn Develop a holistic view of the various knowledge and theories of ICT and innovation management applicable to the hospitality and tourism industry Appraise, analyze and evaluate the general impact and applications of ICTs on various sectors in the hospitality and tourism industry Critically assess the relationship between the hospitality and tourism industry and its technological macro-environment Identify and provide leadership at work in relation to information, technology and innovation management Evaluate and implement appropriate ICT and innovation management theories to support hospitality and tourism organizations in enhancing their business Communicate and react proactively to industry stakeholders including staff, travelers, government and commercial organizations in the area of ICTs and innovation Understand the application of big data analytics for better decision-making in the context of hospitality and tourism industry.

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Week 1: An Introduction to IT in Hospitality & Tourism Industry Develop a holistic view of the impact of ICT in the hospitality and tourism industry. Week 2: Information Technology Adoption and Dynamic Impact on Hospitality & Tourism Organizations Introduce the theoretical perspectives on technology adoption and innovation diffusion. Week 3: Value Creation through IT and Innovation Discuss the IT-based value creation in hospitality and tourism organizations. Week 4: Innovation Strategy Through Mobile Technology and Social Media in Hospitality & Tourism Industry Illustrate the principles and concepts in embracing mobile technology and social media in the context of innovation adoption and application. Week 5: IT-based Innovation in Marketing and Operation Understand why digital advertising matters and how to devise a digital advertising plan. Evaluate digital advertising applications, create search advertising and display advertising via a certain platform. Week 6: Business Analytics for Data-based Decision Making in Hospitality and Tourism Organizations Introduce the concept of data-based decision making and the principles and tools for business analytics. Discuss data sources and big data applications for decisions in hospitality & tourism organizations. Week 7: Designing Storytelling Online Campaigns for Brand Co-Creation and Co-Promotion Discuss the experience design and market segmentation through storytelling online campaigns case studies and introduce the story design elements. Week 8: Technology Development and the Future of Hospitality and Tourism Organizations Discuss destination competitiveness based on IT strategy.