Marketing Your Event

Marketing Your Event

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Events are a big business. Over $512 billion is spent annually on events, from trade shows and fundraisers to online webinars, and it can be challenging to attract delegates and attendees in this crowded space. To make your next event a success, you need to plan and promote it far ahead of time. This course offers tips to successfully market your event. Chartered marketer Luan Wise reviews the different types of events, the stages of event marketing, and the resources you need to prepare and make your event more successful. She also reviews different methods of promotion, from traditional advertising and public relations to email, direct mail, and social media. Identify the three stages of event marketing. Determine the necessary resources for marketing an event. Break down the methods for effectively promoting a business event through email. Explore the fundamentals of effectively promoting a business event using direct mail and door-drops. Identify the steps for utilizing the social media sites Facebook and Instagram to successfully promote a business event.