Mastering the Time Value of Money

Mastering the Time Value of Money

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Managing a business means managing its financial resources, regardless of your job title. Your ability to make smart decisions about projects relies on your understanding of timelines and cash-flow calculations to track cash flow and payments, the value of securities and investments, and how to determine overall cost effectiveness. To do this, you need a good working knowledge of a number of financial concepts. Make planning decisions in the present, based on the accurate calculation of cash flow projections Use a cash-flow timeline to conceptualize time-value-of-money problems Use a financial calculator to solve time-value-of-money problems Calculate present and future values of payments, perpetuities, and annuities Use these concepts as a foundation for making capital investment decisions This course introduces you to those concepts and shows you how to perform important calculations using financial calculators and popular spreadsheet applications. You'll develop an intuitive understanding of the concepts and have a chance to practice applying the tools. You will come away with the tools to ensure that your company has the best possible chance of project success through managing its financial resources wisely. * Participants in this course need one of the two financial calculators below. Hewlett-Packard 12C, or Texas Instruments BA II Plus Both calculators are available at most office supply stores and from a variety of online sources. There is also a Texas Instruments BA II Plus app for iPhone and iPad , which meets the calculator requirement for this course.