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Find reservations jobs in Barcelona Spain

Live in Barcelona, the vibrant city in Spain. It is an active and diverse place to live. Worldwide, Hospitality is a growing industry and an important part is reservation jobs. Work in customer service for restaurants, hotels, agencies, resorts and more. Position yourself at the front of the reservations aspect of the service industry. View job offers here on our site and subscribe to email alerts when job leads of interest to you are posted. Barcelona is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Take to the beach in your free time.

Job offers may include bar reservations

Take reservations for leading restaurants and hotels in Barcelona. You can help a tourist or business customer make the most of their time in a new place. Businesses also need reservations staff. Enjoy interacting with people and learning while you are on the job. This is a great follow-up to any formal education. It can also be a rewarding gap year experience. Help earn money toward your future goals in hospitality. Work in support or as a reservations agent for some of the best recruitment companies or venues. Make sure you know a little Spanish to help you get along well. Employers will also be interested in a native English speaker.

Work in customer care helping resort guests

You could work as a director of sales at a resort or in a contact centre. Assist customers in booking venues, entertainment, hotels and more. Tour Barcelona with your company and see how they spend their reservations budget. There are many opportunities to join a great team and earn a position as a sales executive agent or office administrator in reservations. It is a useful skill to have a good memory and some of the formal skills may be trained on the job. Work for car rental, hotels, restaurants, offices and anywhere else booking and scheduling people and events is required.