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Find public relations jobs in Dubai United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Public relations jobs for Dubai companies may include duties for English speakers such as helping western staff feel comfortable and understood during the hiring and training process. Create the career you dream of while making money and living somewhere new and exciting. It is a different culture and there is a lot you can learn. As a public relations employee, you could help a hotel roll out a brand new item with trained staff or use your talents in the operations and sales departments. SIgn up to our site and receive public relations job alerts. More experienced public relations jobs may include managerial roles.

Become a director of public relations

Salaries are good in public relations. If you are motivated to work hard and learn, there is a role for you in public relations. Public relations jobs based in Dubai may include marketing executive, public relations manager, strategist or senior public relations staff. Join our site and receive information and job postings daily by email. Some experience may be required for public relations jobs in Dubai. From strategy to management you can apply your skills to international service and promote business growth on a global level using quality employees

Search companies who want English speakers

View available jobs on our site and consider a career in public relations. English speaking employees are generally highly valued. You can develop your profession and make your resume noteworthy by learning at work. You can help guide famous brands and companies. Coordinate communications, work for a senior media agency or marketing business. Award-winning hotels and resorts are also recruiting for public relations staff and executive staff. Whether you wish to visit and work or move on a more permanent basis, you can find public relations jobs in Dubai UAE.