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Find reservations jobs in Dubai

Become a chef helper by making sure events are booked ahead of time so final numbers for food quantities are available. Work in a nice hotel such as the Waldorf Dubai as a guest reservations agent or customer associate. Spend your time off going on tours of this fascinating desert city. Dubai averages just 3.7 inches of rain per year so if you like things warm and dry this may be the place to start your career. Jobs in reservations are expanding as the industry grows. Find your perfect match on this site.

Use a gap year to become a guest reservations expert

Join a hotel group and you could become a part of corporate ticketing for events. Reservations jobs encompass a huge range of duties and titles. View the job descriptions here on this site and apply for the position which fits you best. Employers are often looking for those who are a native English speaker to help with their international customers. While you are working you can gain valuable experience. Learn how to take reservations by phone, fax, internet for hotels and resorts in the United Arab Emirate of Dubai. In your free time, you may enjoy exploring the wide, white sandy beaches of the city and learning more about Arabia.

Search jobs and find competitive salaries

Find a job on our site. Save jobs for later and re-read descriptions before you apply. Job duties for reservation jobs may include sales management, customer service, or even chef's assistant. Each employee has a part to play in reservations jobs. You could work in a medical office booking patients and procedures. There are a variety of occupations related to the reservations industry. Dubai is in the UAE many one of a kind attractions and historical sites to explore. Learn while you are working and save money toward future training.