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Events jobs in Madrid

This month why not consider an events job in Madrid: help to land the job of your dreams can be found here on the website and on Facebook and Twitter. Madrid is a vibrant city and could be the location of the job of your dreams!

Join a go-ahead events team in an exciting city

Spain is a country where customer-focused organisational skills are appreciated and many employers in the hospitality industry offer a program of events for guests, locals and business clients alike. There is a thriving job market, making it an excellent destination for a job seeker especially if it is a corporate events job you want. English is widely spoken and read, and foreigners are welcomed from all over the world. Employers regularly post events jobs to the Hosco community, looking to employ new people from events designers to AV engineering experts. Sign up now to see better job offers with added benefits.

Madrid offers all the benefits of a bustling capital city

The words Barcelona and event may be synonymous, but many hospitality organisations have main offices in Madrid, home of many annual events including the world-famous carnival. Looking for a job where the English language is in demand? Madrid is the place for you: a busy, cosmopolitan city open for business twenty-four hours a day. For students, the experience is just brilliant. To find companies hiring for events jobs in Madrid, search here. The events business is in an excellent state of health currently. Don’t worry about interviews, they are the time to show off your skills and abilities. You are the center of attention and the advice you will find under the 'Get Advice' tab can help you design your responses to maximise the chance of getting your dream job. You will soon feel at home in Madrid, especially when a program of on-the-job training is offered and you can substantially increase your skills.