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Find hospitality jobs Maldives

The country of Maldives is a small area located in the Indian Ocean amidst 26 ring-shaped atolls. There you will find more than 1,000 coral islands. Tourism and hospitality are major industries here and you can find hospitality jobs in the Maldives on our site. Work in housekeeping, accounting, restaurants or other positions. Starting in hospitality is a good way for many who like to work with people. You can make a career from your knowledge and experience.

Supervise villas

One hospitality job in the Maldives may be as the supervisor for resort villas. You could also take on the role of assistant manager, security, food and beverage server and much more. Experience can dictate your entry positions, however, if you work hard you may find yourself advancing in your career. View available hospitality jobs in the Maldives now on our site. SHare your results with friends who are interested in working in this country. You can apply today. Spend your free time enjoying a new culture. Take in water sports or soak up the sun on the beaches.

Provide home service

Work for a vacation home company helping guests enjoy their rental property. You could work in hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants. If you have the experience, a job in the Maldives as a spa manager, hospitality executive, beverage manager, or restaurant manager may be in your near future. Work days and get annual time off to enjoy the country. If you are in food and beverage service or any other aspect of hospitality there may be hospitality jobs in the Maldives waiting for you here.