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Hospitality jobs in Manchester and Salford

Manchester and Salford are vibrant metropolitan areas in north-west England, and there is always a wide range of food, beverage, beverage assistant and other hospitality jobs available.

Find jobs with the highest standards and the best salaries in Manchester.

If you are hoping to find jobs with a great salary in Manchester and Salford areas you can search easily for a position at a level that suits you. You can register with your email to browse for catering and hospitality positions and then save your preferences. The Hosco job search service offers you the ability to search for and be alerted about hospitality jobs in Manchester or your preferred location, including the opportunity to work at award-winning Manchester establishments. Of course, you can cancel or change your alerts at any time. Hospitality jobs occur in north, south-west and east Manchester or you could just use Manchester as a general search term.

Find recent catering and hospitality vacancies of the sort of that will suit you.

You can find Manchester area jobs at every level by searching on the Hosco platform. Hotels and restaurants in Manchester and Salford offer competitive salaries for the north-west. They are keen to ensure that by attracting the best people to fill their hospitality jobs, their hotels, restaurants and other businesses will thrive and grow just as Manchester is growing. Offering competitive salaries is just one way they aim to attract both permanent and temporary staff in all areas, including the all-important area of hospitality. The hospitality industry is thriving in Manchester. Whether you are a young chef just beginning to learn your trade or you are a highly qualified head chef, register with Hosco now, and within days you could find your dream job.