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Jobs in Event Management and Communications

Corporate companies as well as hospitality brands are looking for skilled individuals who can lead the production of events. Events can range from meetings to a large scale conference, a wedding, or other special events. Events organisers need help from people with hospitality backgrounds to produce and host these events.

Recruitment managers are looking for people with hospitality experience for positions in Events

Recruitment in the entertainment and hospitality sectors has increased from even just a year ago. Whether you are looking for a sales role or a position as an events manager, hospitality companies have a variety of positions available. Companies from around the world post new availabilities on Hosco at all hours, and as a member, you can view full job descriptions and apply online. If you are looking for a position as event manager, you can set up an email for job alerts when your criteria matches newly posted opportunities on Hosco.

Event management recruitment spans from hotels to retail to restaurants and beyond!

If you are looking for an entry position in operations, or a management or director role, Hosco is the best place to view available opportunities with hotels and other hospitality companies. Perform a jobs search for the position of event coordinator or for a company that organises a leading event that interests or inspires you. You can search for companies you want to work for and view positions they have available in events by using keywords or filters. View open positions and apply for jobs in events, PR, or communications. Job responsibilities, like account support or event management, will be listed in posted positions to help you find the best match for your applications. Hosco offers the best job searching solutions depending on your priorities: if you are interested in working in a specific location, you can search by city; if you are interested in a certain brand or property, you can search for that, too. If you’re not ready to send your CV in the moment, you have the option to savejob and apply later – just in case you find that project manager or event executive position of your dreams.