Résumé du cours

In the world of tourism and customer service, seen the present and future challenges, it is essential to further strengthen our own skills and become true hospitality professionals. In order to create memorable experiences for guests/customers and to concretely improve the climate within the team, it is important to invest in the development of specific soft skills such as communication, emotional intelligence and ability to think by objectives. In order to give participants concrete tools to create value in all these scenarios, we have structured this three-day course in a practical, interactive and experiential way.

Ce que vous apprendrez

The course lasts three days, during which the following topics are covered: - How to establish an effective communication bridge based on understanding - Conscious relationship management and conflict resolution - The creation of shared value through emotionally conscious words - The four pillars of emotional intelligence - Self-control and stress management - How to acquire awareness of other people’s emotions: guests, customers and colleagues - How to create and achieve clear and conscious objectives - How to design effective action plans - Planning the emotional guest/customer journey - Exercises: role play and simulations on real cases

Détails du cours

À qui s'adresse ce cours?

The course is addressed to all hospitality professionals who want to enhance their own communication and interaction competences with guests and customers. In order to have a homogeneous class that receives the utmost attention from the trainers, the course is limited in number for a maximum of 16 participants. The training will be held in Italian.